Tuesday, 16 November 2021

One for the Dog's

 Arriving at the spot we planned to hunt just after daylight in eastern Maine. The hopes that the season would start off right on the first day of the snowshoe hare season. We collard up and put down five beagles. It was a cool morning for October first but the temps were rising. 

  Time to see if all the time and miles put in during the off season payed off. It wasn't long and the first dog opened. Then the pack soon fell into place and in Harmony they sent music all over the hill side. There was no question the off season was good. The dogs looks in mid season form. 

  The hare went through with dogs in tow. We give the pack little warm up time before shooting. A few circles is good and now it's time to work in. After a few bumps we get in to position. This time we are ready when they bring it back around. Here it comes to the right I see it and shot and the hare keeps on. About hundred yards behind the dog fly through and away at a few hundred yards on the other side I decided it must have been a clean miss. 

  Then the silence hits they all stop at one in the same spot. Five hundred yards away we decide to have a look it's not like normal checks something is up. Guess it wasn't a clean miss we find five beagles gatherd round a few with belly's full. Guess we will start this season with one for the dogs. 

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