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Season Prep

  This time of year the truck bed Permanently gets smaller till the season end with a two hole dog box. The equipment is packed and truck is prepared for the hunting  season. There are essential items for running dogs. Then there are items needed for a trip north     These are items packed for the season  In the bed     The dog box     Spare tire     Water bowl     Gallon of water or more  In the truck     Dog collars and control (alpha)    First aid kit     2 way radios     Truck jack     Jumper pack    Wrench     Shovel     Axe     Leashes    Snowshoes The hunting vest     Leatherman     Solar charger     Compass     Shells    Medical wrap    Water bottle    Pruning shears    Game shears  First aid kit     Vet wrap     Quick clot     Saline spray     Eye wash     Nail clippers     Scissors    Gauze    Peroxide    Stapler     Lighter     Fire starter For long trips    Chain gang     Two burner stove     Pots and pans     Food     Dog food     Bowls Being prepared for the hunting seaso

One for the Dog's

 Arriving at the spot we planned to hunt just after daylight in eastern Maine. The hopes that the season would start off right on the first day of the snowshoe hare season. We collard up and put down five beagles. It was a cool morning for October first but the temps were rising.    Time to see if all the time and miles put in during the off season payed off. It wasn't long and the first dog opened. Then the pack soon fell into place and in Harmony they sent music all over the hill side. There was no question the off season was good. The dogs looks in mid season form.    The hare went through with dogs in tow. We give the pack little warm up time before shooting. A few circles is good and now it's time to work in. After a few bumps we get in to position. This time we are ready when they bring it back around. Here it comes to the right I see it and shot and the hare keeps on. About hundred yards behind the dog fly through and away at a few hundred yards on the other side I decid