Sunday, 4 July 2021

The growing trainer

    Improving as a dog handler is a major goal for this off season. Working a full time job and raising a family makes it hard to be fully dedicated to a training schedule. Really thinking about your daily routine and where that training would fit in. There is time in the day to get it done and you won't even know the difference. Except in your dog you will see leaps and bounds. 

   They say the best way to become a better trainer is to work dogs. There is alot to be said about that but I also think it needs to be added with knowledge of books, dvd, and another trainer. I'm finding the more I train the more the knowledge taken from those sources comes out. 

    The other day was a struggle when a dog went from pointing to trying to take a bird out. After a few attempts of trying and failing I thought back to those sources and got the answer . It was time to launch the bird at the sign of scent. It worked perfectly the next bird he hit scent went cautiously right into a point then the next scent and point. 

   Like most things in life hard work and knowledge will get you where you want to go. A journal of your daily session will help you stay on track and give you something to go back to when all goes wrong. Set goals but keep timelines out of it. Have fun and grow as a handler and don't rush your sessions. 

  When everything seems to be going wrong remember that breakthrough could be right there. 

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