Saturday, 10 July 2021

Summer time Beagles

 The peak of the summer time heat is upon us. We have had an on and off one in the northeast but it is humid and hot out. Keeping your beagles in top shape year around can lessen the burden of getting them in shape for hunting season and also significantly decrease the risk of injury. During the summer months we have to be diligent in keep are packs safe when running. 

   There are many things we can do before and after taking them for a run to keep them safe. Running early in the day or late in the afternoon on hot days. Checking the weather is vitality important for summer running. Sunny days when it feels like the sun's rays are burning through you are better spent fishing. High humidity also takes a big toll on dogs. The feeling of wearing a blanket all day is uncomfortable. As humans we have the ability to sweat on those days but dog have to pant to get rid of the heat. 

   Making sure your dog has water before they run keeps them hydrated during running. Water before also makes it so they are not having to drink tons of water after to play some sort of catch up. Good ways to carry and offer water is in a watering system from one of the top kennel manufactures or in the field with a water bottle with a squirt top. Using a water bottle squirt the water across the mouth not down the throat. Across the mouth they will be able to drink at their pace and stay hydrated. 

   Besides giving water there are things that should be done after a summer time run to help the dogs cool off and settle down. To cool them off before the trip home you should have them calm down at the truck with water. Let them hang out and stop their heavy panting. Soaking them down water from a water bottle on the top oh thier head and ears can help in them cooling down. Making for a safe and comfortable ride home.

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