Saturday, 24 July 2021

Sea kayak fishing


   As an avid outdoorsman I find peace in being outside. Hunting and fishing are a rest to life for me. When the opportunity arose to try something new and sea kayak I did it. It's a little out of my realm from running bird dogs and beagles on my weekends. But trying new things and experiencing what bring others joy in the outdoors can help give a new perspective.

 The first leg if the trip was. 4.5 miles all in the pouring ran out to an island off the coast of Maine. With a few chances to fish on the way out the makerel were around but no bites to be had. It was filled with wildlife. There was many of seals, a few porpoise,  some eiders and many more bird species. It was a scenic view on the way to the island for lunch and a hike. 

The trip back the rain stop and the fish struck just off the shore of the island. There was two of us fishing and to fish aboard. That would be the last of the fish caught though the effort was there. With the paddle the paddle back to the main land the wind picked up across the open bay. The paddling became steady with no breaks just to make headway untill the other shore gave some relief. Once the 3 mile marathon paddle was over the coast broke the wind where some more unsuccessful fish was had.

9 miles was done for the day and one angler hooked on kayak fishing in the ocean. There is something soothing about paddling in the ocean with the tides changing and the abundant wildlife all around then pulling a fish from the water just inches from where you sit. With he makerel it is usually used for bait for the more sought after fish the striper but this one was destined for the dinner plate. Never trying one before I decided to see if they were more then just a bait fish. Cooked on the grill with garlic and lemon it was a mild tasting fish and one I would eat again. 

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