Monday, 8 March 2021

Solo the pack

 Running beagles In a pack can make the hare hunting experience mind blowing. The music that a pack of dogs make through the quiet woods is exhilarating. It is very practical to run dogs together when hunting. In a pack there is more dogs to find the rabbit and keep the trail. 

What happens when you find your self down to one dog. Dogs unfortunately get hurt, come in to season or it might be something different and they need some time off. How is the single dog going to react. Some will take off like nothing is different and others will act like they have never been out before. 

Why not solo hunt dogs during the season? It a tough thing to leave dogs home that are ready to go but maybe the best thing for your pack. In any pack all dogs should run the rabbit solo with no help from other dogs. During the season a dog running only in a pack can start to rely on the other dogs. The ones with the stronger noise or faster legs could leave your pack weakening each time out leaving the other dogs trying to just keep up. 

The best thing to do during the season is to get each dog in your pack solo time here and there. It will help them running for themselves using there own ability and adding to the pack later. The other thing you will gain is that at any point any dog in your pack can run a rabbit on its. With that in mind that any dog can go when your ready to hit the woods you will have confidence that you can get on rabbits and put some food on the table. 

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