Saturday, 13 February 2021

No winter blues

 The notion of cabin fever has set in to most northeastern's by now. Short days and cold temps keep them looking forward to April showers and May flowers. Unaware of the beauty of winter woods and hard water.

   Nothing is quite like a frosty morning sunrise behind a few beagles. It is something mind clearing to listen to the pack giving chase on a snowshoe hare over the snowy hills and in the icy swamps. Music to a hunters ears baying beagles echoing through the quiet winter woods.


There is a lot we can learn and see in the snow covered woods that would be non-existent any other time of the year. Wing beats of a ruffed grouse taking off, Tracks ending at impressions in the now where an owl grabbed some dinner. Animal tracks telling a story like a lynx's going after the very same quarry those beagles are tracking over the ridge. 

   If the the hunting is limited or fishing is more your style. Hitting a frozen pond for the chance at chasing some flags will surely make cabin fever a distant memory. The best part of ice fishing is the time you can enjoy with family and friends while being out in nature. With all the portable ice shacks and small propane heaters there is no problem staying warm. Ice hockey, skating and more leaves  plenty to do while the fish find the bait. 

    There is definitely something special about ice fishing when you get a flag and the whole fishing party goes over to check it out. It doesn't matter who's hole it is. The flag goes up an you all run to the trap check to see if it's still spinning . Then you pull the trap out, grab the line, set the hook, then hand line it in. Now that's fishing.

    I'm not sure why cabin fever exists but I would say it's time to get out and enjoy the frozen ground before spring is upon us and the opportunity is gone. Time is to short to wait for spring. Some of the best story's come from the cold. 




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