Sunday, 21 February 2021

Mobile Ice Fishing

 The comforts of a big ice shack make it feel like home. Having almost anything from a oven, tv, and bed. While also leaving you in one spot day after day. While fishing From the same location and the same pond can be nice at times. Being able to get out and fish new territory weather it's a new spot or a new pond brings on a new challenge. 

The ability to be mobile while ice fishing gives you more flexibility and opportunity fishing. Being able to change locations on a lake with a quick and simple pack up could mean more flags on a slow day. Scouting a new pond means you can change locations a few times to find fish. No longer do you have to fish the same pond every time out because of the big shack.

The gear that makes you ready to get out there and be mobile is a gear sled, portable ice shack, small heater. 

For an ice shack a shelter made onto a sled is very nice for the fact that you can haul all your stuff out in it. Setting it up  is a breeze and some even come with built in seats.. Insulated tops make heating much easier. Another great option to consider is a pop up ice shack they are very easy to set up but you need the extra sled space to put them. 

For a sled going with any sled of adequate size will work just just fine. Make sure you will have enough room for pack basket, auger, shelter and any other gear you normally carry along. 

If your going to be out long periods of time a heater for your shelter is a nice addition to the gear. On cold days it's nice to get a little time here and there of heat. A buddy heater works very nicely for heating a shelter. It's compact size uses less space but puts off plenty of heat. 

Consider getting out on the ice this winter and checking out new ponds. Old faithful is nice and familiar but new senary can be a great change during the season.


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