Saturday, 21 November 2020

Passed Down

 The sportsman tradition is something that has been passed down in my family tree. Great grandfather's , grandfather's all have a storytell of there time in the woods and on the water. It's stories of family history in the wild places that draw ears. 

    Heavy Buck poles and full stringers were common place in there time. It was food on the table to feed the family they worked so hard to provide for. So why as time progresses do hunter numbers go down. Do we not need the break that only nature can provide? Or is providing much easier these days. We live in a time were time is short. Pressure from work has us working more and If it's not that then it's the easy credit car payment . Time moves on by 

   This way of life hunting and fishing needs us to get back to the roots. This has to be a family and friend passion. In order to keep this going fo generation to come kids have to hit the woods and waters. Hunts might be spoiled in terms of animals taken but The moments made will be stories kids are telling their great grandchildren. 

   It used to be the wild lands that was the escape from the world. You could go and everything else disappeared. Today there is electronics to occupy young minds from the busyness. It's time to disconnect are kids from them and get them hooked on the wild. 

   Take your kid hunting and fishing while they still have the passion. My oldest is 4 and has been loving going hunting with no gun this year. Getting out and exploring and spending quality time in the woods. This is a passion that will stay with him a life time because that flame never faded. Outdoorsman need to step up and put are success in the field to the side. Pursuing the retention of our kids as hunters and fishers like it's that big buck. 

Outdoor tradition's live on 

Acts 10:13

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