Sunday, 3 November 2019

Finding spots

   With the busyness of life finding the time to scout new spots becomes difficult. There is nothing worse then wasting half or all of your time in the field trying to find places to hunt.we have all had those times when we are going out with one place in mind. Hunting public land that spot could already have other hunters on it then what?
   There should always be multiple spots in mind to go. Some time's you have to scout it when you get there but with online mapping you can have a very good idea of the right spot to go. If you take the time to make the connection between what you are looking at on the map and what the land looks like in person you can start to piece together what to look for. when I find these spots to check out you can plot them on a paper map like a gazetteer.
Moose seen during a recent hunt

   When looking for spots to take my beagles I look for certain vegetation type. The dark green spots that almost have black through out them are very thick sections of woods usually small to medium conifers. Snow shoe hare use these areas to keep protected from predators like Hawks, coyotes, and lynx.
   When going ruffed grouse hunting it is similar vegetation to look for. If you look for green that is a little lighter but on the out skirts of the dark green. That will usually be a good place to hunt for grouse and Woodcock. In those areas it gives the birds good feeding grounds and easy access to cover.
  When I find these spots on a electronic mapping system like OnX I create a way point to mark the location. Then I will plot it in my gazetteer to get a better prospective of the location. Now it's time to go check it out to see if the terrain is what it appears on the electronic map. It will take a little time but you will eventually piece it together and have a fairly good idea of where to go before heading out. It could save a day or trip worth of searching for good cover or just settling for OK cover.

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