Saturday, 12 October 2019

New Opportunities

   The cool mornings and changing leafs mark the end of a season and beginning of another. The eye catching yellow,red and orange leaves are the artwork of fall. It's a time of year in New England I think everyone should experience.
   With fall comes the time to get out the double gun . We have trained and prepared for this time a year for six months. The dog training season has come to an end though the training never really ends. The dog is always training me that it has the noise therefore the upper hand.
    Some time's the it's more about the feel of a shot gun in the hands and to know it's Hunting season then the plan of shooting game. Watching the dogs do what the breeders of old had breed them for is amazing history right before you. There is something about listing to beagles baying a snowshoe hare knowing my grandfather had listened to his decades ago. There is a  tradition that is innate in humans. It is deep in most cultures around the world. It is one of the few things that can bring people from around the world together.
   With the new season it brings new opportunities to bring new people hunting and make strong connection with other hunters. This season we need to put all difference behind realise that there are different styles of hunting and different opportunities. Don't be afraid to give someone the opportunity you have and maybe they can return the favour. We could  all grow in our knowledge and understanding of what other hunters do. Making us the tight knit community we should be.
   Safe hunting.

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