Friday, 26 April 2019

The Training Table

Dog training season is finally upon us here in New England. Time to clean out the other half of my dog kennel and get serious about a spot to train. Throwing out the old junk and setting up a spot no more excuses for rain and so on. In the kennel I set up a place board, barrel for whoa work,and a training table.
   The training table has turned out to be very valuable. It's something I wish I had used more years ago. The dogs have responded well to using it and want to be on it any chance they get.

   There are many things the table provides you.
  • It gets the dog on your level
  • Gives working boundaries
  • Makes rewarding and correcting faster
  Getting the dog to your level makes it easier on you. There is no bending over and over again while rewarding or correcting. It gets the dog closer to eye level with you making communication easier.
   Giving boundaries I found gave parameters in which the dog is to be expected to work. It made the task for the dog much easier lessening distractions by making your dog work in a given area.
  Crucial corrections come much easier on a table. Having them off the ground I catch more times when I needed to correct. Praising and rewarding dogs whatever your choice is more timely helping the dog connect with what it's being reward for.  

  When training try new ideas. Find what works for your dog. I found the training table it has worked well for my French Brittany's and Beagles. There are many more idea's I have found to try this season. Hopeful to find more. Never stop learn and progressing in your training methods.

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