Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Ice fishing

     Sundays here in Maine we are not allowed to hunt. Sunday Ice fishing is a great way to get the family out and enjoy the outdoors while being able to put wild game on the table. It is my favorite way to fish there is just something about having your traps set waiting for a flag to signal a fish. The pure excitement of everyone in your ice fishing party when a flag goes up no matter who's flag it is.
     This style of fishing is a great way to get your young kids into fishing and teaching them about putting food on the table. The nice part of ice fishing with kids is there are a lot of ways to keep the fun going for them while waiting for a flag. There is ice hockey, skating, snow ball fights when the snow is right and many more activities. When a flag goes up it brings the fun they are already having to another level. Personally I find this as a very enjoying way to spend time with my kids.
     The set up I like to use is the low profile polar tip-up traps with shiners hooked just under the spine. When setting the depth I like to  have it right off the bottom however that is going to depend on what you are fishing for I like to catch White perch, Lake trout and Brook Trout but if you were trying for  salmon I would set it a about a foot under the ice.
     This past weekend was the first successful ice fishing trip for my son. He really enjoyed the catch we got. Were able to hook a salmon just off bottom. The salmon was 19inchs which is legal keeper size where we were fishing so we decided to keep it. I cooked it trying Hank Shaw's recipe seared salmon with cucumber sauce I would highly recommend trying it out.


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