The Time Is Now

     Is the game you pursue really still in a down year? We have to come to a realisation that in some places these animals can't be sustained in this modern day culture. The habitat many of them live in is being mismanaged or destroyed.
     It's time to protect what land we have from being destroyed and manage the land we have left. The 30 acres my house is on has been mismanaged for a long time. The previous owner let it become big forest with no under growth for Animals of all kinds to thrive in. Over the winter I will be coming up with a management plan that will start in the spring so animals can thrive here once again. If you are a Land owner my hope is that you will start manging the resource you have.
     The destroying of habitat is something hard to over come with a growing population in different areas. One thing I think could help is buying used house instead of building new. What about buying old abandon or fallen down house and build new there instead of removing Forest for houses.
     Weather you like hunting Ruffed grouse, Sage grouse, Woodcock, Cottontail, or many other we need to conserve these animals. There are many groups out there to get involved in and donate to I urge you to do so. There is no other group of people who are going to step up and care as much as hunters I think we have proved that through history. Consider the future now.


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