Monday, 5 November 2018

My dogs

     I started hunting with dogs about five years ago. My passion for hunting and love for dogs came together to make time in the field more enjoyable. There has been a lot of mistakes made in my short time of having hunting dogs but the rewards of pushing past them have been many.
     My first hunting breed was a French Brittany named Gauge. He is now five. As My first dog I have trained I think I did everything possible to screw him up. Now in his fith year of hunting he is finally starting to point and get what hunting is about. He has become proof of if you work hard and don't give up it's never to late to for dog to catch on despite thier age or trainer.
     It was a year after getting Gauge I had to have another. I got another French brittany named Autumn. Deciding I did such a good job screwing one dog up I thought I would try training another. In her fourth year hunting she does a decent job finding birds and sometimes pointing.
     Last year I had the opportunity to hunt snowshoe hare. It is one of the highest action funniest hunts I have been on and the best part was listening to the dogs baying. I started to look for a beagle so I could further my small game passion and over this summer a friend gave me a four year old named Preacher. She had very little hunting experience to that point but he had her professionally trained before giving her to me. On October first with my friends other three dogs she had her first two rabbits shot over her.
    The newest addition is a eleven week old beagle named River. I have high hopes of the dog she will become. I hope to take you through the process of training her to hunt snowshoe hare. I hope you will stay with me on the new journey with River and The continued proceed with The others.

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