Sunday, 28 October 2018

Hunting camp

     Sometimes in life you have to face the struggle between Bird numbers and days gone by. This weekend was one of those times. The choice was clear hunting camp reminiscing of days gone by and memory's of those no longer here.
     The grouse numbers may be down but the memories are plentiful. Time spent with family and friends. Memories of first birds ever shot to last rides ever taken. It's times like this when you can almost feel those who passed in the truck beside you. It always brings me back to my grandfather's moose hunt, my first bird harvested, friends first birds and the time spent.
    We could have struck off to where the birds we're pentiful as there number seem to be up. Instead we flushed one bird over the weekend and talked about the memories of old. I hope every grouse Hunter can have place like this . A place that ingrains life long bonds with those that mean the most.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Welcome to Hunt Small Game

    I have been hunting small game for 20 years. The first small game I ever harvested was a ruff grouse on a Maine moose hunt. That grouse would ingrain the love for small game hunting.
   The goal of this site is to share my hunting stories. Also dive into the world of small game. The way we hunt,  the conservation of the game we harvest , the gear used to pursue small game, and preparing it for the table.
    When I started hunting small game it was by riding the roads in the north maine woods looking for ruff grouse. I now hunt behind dogs for grouse and snowshoe hare. I look forward to sharing with all of you my stories from the field
                                 Thanks Jon

Season Prep

  This time of year the truck bed Permanently gets smaller till the season end with a two hole dog box. The equipment is packed and truck is...